Tik Tok Influencer Mark Anastasio Challenges Connecticut Students to Stripe Out Their Schools

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Dance, lip-sync and comedy video creator Mark Anastasio spoke in a somewhat different tone in a recent Tik Tok video for his 6.3 million followers. The content of the video? Raising awareness for the rare disease community in memory of his teacher’s son, Tyler Cummings.

Mark also used the video to launch a challenge to any Connecticut middle or high schools willing to participate and stripe out their school for the upcoming Rare Disease Day! This initiative stems from the NORD “Show Your Stripes” campaign, which encourages rare disease patients, caregivers, advocates and supporters to show off and embrace their own stripes, the characteristics that make every individual unique.

Watch Mark’s video in support of NORD below and keep an eye on the rarediseaseday.us social media wall to see how people are showing their stripes all over the world!