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Jan. 23, 2019

TOPIC: Featured News, Get Involved, Rare Disease Day

10 Ways to Show Your Stripes this Rare Disease Day!

Posted by Lisa Sencen
rare disease day show your stripes campaign

The zebra, with its distinctive stripes, is the official symbol of rare diseases in the United States. While each of the more than 7,000 rare diseases is unique, there are many commonalities that unite our community. To raise awareness around rare disease issues, NORD is promoting specific ways that individuals, organizations and groups can show their stripes in support of Rare Disease Day!

10 Ways to Show Your Stripes!

1. Share your story and why Rare Disease Day matters to you.

2. Wear striped gear (clothing and/or accessories with stripes) – and spread the word for
others to wear stripes on Rare Disease Day. Take a picture and post on social media using the hashtags #ShowYourStripes and #RareDiseaseDay.

3. Stripe your organization’s website for Rare Disease Day.

4. Attend an advocacy event.

5. Dare your company or organization to collaborate on a major striping concept for Rare Disease Day. For example, wrap a train car in stripes, drape your workplace’s lobby in striped banners, light up the exterior of a building with stripes or arrange to take a photo of a large number of you and your colleagues assembled in stripes.

6. Change your profile picture using our Facebook Profile Picture Frame!

7. Print and use these Show Your Stripes stickers (printable on 3X4 Avery Labels).

8.Print and color in this zebra coloring sheet – and don’t forget to share your art on social media!

9. Pitch your local media outlets about your Rare Disease Day event and/or your personal story using these templates.

10. Post messages on social media to spread the word about Rare Disease Day and stripes – here are some tips and sample posts.