NORD Gives Back: Partnership and Connection

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It’s the holiday season, so let’s take time to celebrate the rare disease community. During this joyful time, the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) is sharing formerly exclusive, paid content from our 2021 virtual Living Rare, Living Stronger Patient and Family Forum. From engaging plenaries to breakout sessions to speakers from across the globe, the dynamic content from the conference is here to help you live your best rare life.    

One of the rare community’s strengths comes from togetherness. This #NORDGivesBack content focuses on that strength and the benefits of having support. Enjoy this amazing new video resource and Happy Holidays! 


The Patient Professional Partnership 

This opening session focused on how people living with rare diseases and clinicians and researchers seeking to help them often develop unique and mutually rewarding partnerships. Watch now to see the panelists share how successful collaboration can benefit both the rare disease patient and the professional who is a part of their care team or researching their disease. 

Finding Your Community and Building Your Support Network 

This session explores ways to find your community within the rare disease family and build a network of others who have shared experiences. Tune in to hear from an all-star panel on how they found their community and their tips so you can do the same! 

Connect with others and pass on these resources and your thanks this season. #NORDGivesBack 

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