Dystonia Society

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About Dystonia Society

The Dystonia Society is a voluntary, national, patient support organization dedicated to promoting greater awareness of dystonia within the medical community and the general public. Dystonia is a neurological condition characterized by involuntary sustained muscle spasms. These can affect various parts of the body and cause abnormal movements and postures. Established in 1983, the society disseminates information on available treatments to individuals affected by dystonia; provides emotional and informational support through a network of approximately 30 support groups; and helps to fund research into the causes, treatments, and eventual cure of dystonia. The society publishes a self-titled newsletter and several informational brochures including “Dystonia: Your Questions Answered,””Hemifacial Spasm: Your Questions Answered,” and “Blepharospasm: Your Questions Answered.” The Dystonia Society also produces audiovisual aids, offers a referral service, and maintains a database of patients, physicians, and treatment centers. The Dystonia Society is affiliated with the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation USA and the European Dystonia Federation.