Our Shared Vision for Rare Disease Day

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As Rare Disease Day arrives in time zones around the world, you’ll be able to track its progress on a map on RareDiseaseDay.org hosted by EURORDIS and RareDiseaseDay.US hosted by NORD.

This animation was created by NORD and is being shared – through NORD’s partnership with EURORDIS – with all supporters participating in Rare Disease Day.

The purpose is to highlight the extraordinary way in which Rare Disease Day draws people together with a single message and a shared vision.  In more than 80 nations around the world, and in nearly as many languages, patients and their supporters are focusing attention on rare diseases as an important global public health challenge.

Participating nations have all adopted a common theme – Join Together for Better Care – as well as a logo, video, poster and other resources to demonstrate solidarity.

At a moment in time when international relationships seem particularly fragmented and fragile, the message of Rare Disease Day cuts across all barriers and boundaries. NORD and EURORDIS hope that this animation will serve as a symbol that, at least for one day and this one cause, the hope for worldwide collaboration is not an elusive dream.