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Rare Disease Day 2019 is Only 10 Weeks Away!

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Every year, individuals around the globe come together for one special day to recognize and raise awareness for rare diseases. This day, Rare Disease Day® (RDD), takes place on the last day of February each year. The next RDD will fall on February 28, 2019.

Together, we can raise the profile of rare diseases and the issues that our community faces! NORD will soon announce a new awareness campaign that will include lots of opportunities to get involved – but right now, we’d like to hear what you are planning.

Share your ideas! Already have some great Rare Disease Day plans in the works? Please send them to NORD at marketing@rarediseases.org so we can share them with the community! Soon our website will be updated with plenty of resources to help you get involved including social media activities, downloadables, event ideas, links to register for events in your communities, and more. Stay tuned by frequenting the website often and following NORD and Rare Disease Day US on social media!

Start Marking Your 2019 Calendar with Rare Disease Day Events

NORD’s Rare Action Network®, the nation’s largest advocacy network working to improve the lives of people living with rare diseases, hosts advocacy events across the United States. These events provide the opportunity for advocates to educate elected officials in their states about the issues that rare disease patients are facing. Events are already being planned around the country by volunteers! More information will be available soon to register and get involved. Questions about these events may be sent to action@rarediseases.org.