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The Undiagnosed Diseases Network (UDN) brings together clinical and research experts from across the country to try to solve the most challenging medical mysteries. As part of this project, patients with longstanding, unexplained symptoms can apply to receive an in-depth clinical and research evaluation at one of the UDN’s seven medical centers.
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Friday, June 3
1:00 p.m. EDT
Webinar Speakers:
Katria Dipple, MD, PhD: Principal Investigator at the UDN‘s UCLA clinical site
Erica Hines: UDN Participant at Duke University Medical Center
Vandana Shashi, MD, MB BS: Principal Investigator at the UDN‘s Duke clinical site
Kimberly Splinter, MS, CGC: Genetic Counselor & Clinical Project Manager for the UDN
Webinar Topics:
  • Overview on the UDN
  • Application and evaluation process
  • Financial considerations
  • Story of UDN participant, Erica Hines
Clinicians, researchers, patients, and families interested in referring
or applying to the UDN are encouraged to join this webinar!