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Webinar Series

NORD hosts monthly webinars on the odd-numbered months for Member Organizations. We feature topics frequently requested by members. In addition to these regularly scheduled webinars, there are occasionally special webinars added to the schedule with an important topic and/or guest.


Have a suggestion for a webinar? Let us know:

Contact the team at [email protected]

Past Webinars

January 2017About NORD
March 2017ICD-10 Codes and Applications
May 2017Natural History Studies & Patient Registries
July 2017Physician Education and Continuing Medical Education (CME)
September 2017Free Promotion of Your Events and Disease Awareness!
November 2017Federal Policy on Access and Reimbursement Issues
January 2018Rare Disease Day 2018
March 2018Fundraising
May 2018Board Management
July 2018DOD Funding for Your Rare Disease Research
October 2018ICD-10 Codes
December 2018FDA Patient-Focused Drug Development
January 2019The Cost of Rare Disease Drugs
March 2019Maximizing Your Impact with BoardSource
May 2019FDA Request to Connect Online Portal
July 2019Increase Donations with Financial Transparency
September 2019Grant Writing for Rare Diseases
November 2019Fundraising: Activate your Board

Special Ad-Hoc Webinars

August 2017The National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences: Catalyzing Translational Innovation in Rare Disease ResearchChristopher Austin, MD, Director, NCATS, NIH
November 2017NORD CEO Talk on Analyzing Orphan Drug Use and Cost: Quintiles StudyPeter Saltonstall, President and CEO
April 2018PCORI FundingEleanor Perfetto, PhD, MS, Senior VP of Strategic Initiatives for the NHC
July 2017Physician Education and Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Value of Membership

These opportunities are available as a benefit to NORD member organizations
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