Managing Your Disease

When you are navigating a rare disease, you need concrete help today and in the future. That’s why we are here.

Help Getting a Diagnosis

We help you get a diagnosis by connecting you with access to resources and also providing financial assistance for testing.

Getting Information

You can gain knowledge through our on-line Rare Disease Resource Center, which contains educational videos, free webinars, fact sheets, infographics, and other helpful materials. It is designed to help patients, caregivers, students, professionals, and the public.

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Help Finding a Medical Expert

You can access a database of rare disease experts as well as primary physicians and other healthcare providers.

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Help Finding a Clinical Trial

You can receive up-to-date information on clinical trials that NORD shares with patients and medical providers.

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Help Getting Patient Financial Assistance

You can find financial help with our Patient Assistance Program in areas such as obtaining medications and assisting with insurance premiums and co-pays.

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Help Finding a Support Organization

You can find a patient group to help navigate your specific disease.

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